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    Strong in skills learned during our journeys, we are looking for people able to meet these following requirements:

    • • Desire for adventure
      • Entrepreneurial spirit
      • Ability to work in a team
      • Networking skills
      • Proactivity in planning a journey
      • These are only some requirements… we will give you the other ones!

    We have established a training course that lasts three months in which you can learn and improve your skills..

    Desartica offers you the opportunity to become a staff member by:

    • Choosing to do the training course to design, suggest, and sell journeys, supported by our organization
    • Choosing to do the training course to become an expert in group travels management

    Once you got through the course, we could see together which opportunities may arise from a possible collaboration. The attendance and passing of the course don’t entitle you to a certain next collaboration and not even it is meant to be a solicitation or a job opportunity!


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    1 – The lessons will be theoretical and practical and the subjects are the following:

    • Mission and vision of DESARTICA
    • Mechanical engineering, in particular of every single specialty (4x4, motorbike and MTB)
    • Customer relationship management (quality in guiding a journey, marketing, problem solving)
    • Orienteering cartography
    • Basic principles of first aid
    • Nutrition and diet
    • Human body physiology
    • Psychology
    • Stress factors
    • Basic principles of hygiene
    • Nutrition and cooking
    • Equipement management
    • Clothing
    • Technological means of support (VHS CB GPS)
    • Meteorology and climate
    • Driving
    • Logistics – burocracy - visa
    • Planning and elaboration of new journeys

    2 – at the end of the course it is provided an exam to judge the understood competence: if you pass this first step, you could enter the workshop “on the road” in order to put into practice the understood competence and to put into effect your talent, becoming effectively a possible expert of Desartica Adventure Journeys.

    3 - Duration: the course is divided into 6 weekends (from Friday to Sunday) and lasts about 8 hours daily for a total amount of 140 hours.

    4 - Dates: the course will take place every second and fourth week end of the month. In case of missed attendance, you can recover.

    5 – beginning of the courses:

    to define

    6 – place: currently in Milan and Turin. Other cities by demand.