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For people who love riding, Desartica Adventures offers MTB journeys through itineraries located in remote, rugged, hard, historically and panoramic important places.

Our destinations are both desert areas of the Sahara (Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania and Morocco) and Iceland, Greece, Sardinia, Spain, Portugal, Corsica, Turkey and the more ambitious itineraries overseas.

This is the winning formula of our tours that is born from the passion of adventure and the curiosity of discovering new horizons.

Some kind of MTB journeys are ideal for people who are not experienced and want to try for the first time to live a little adventure with the family and friends also. Others are more technical, thought for who is always in search of overrunning his limits.

All this without forgetting the security that is guaranteed by our experience in adventurous journeys and by the presence of the Desartica staff all journey long.
We have equipped vehicles, vans and trailers for bikes transportation, we collaborate with trustworthy local guides and we know very well the places to where we travel, for these reasons we can support also clubs, associations or groups of friends in planning the journeys and even personalize them following your necessities.

We can offer 100% street itineraries or more demanding ones reserved to the most expert and trained bikers.

If we consider the new field of electric pedal assisted cycles, we also offer a service of recharging the batteries during the tour in order to allow you to hypothesize itineraries in remote areas, that often are lacking in adequate structures to recharge them.

In many of our journeys it is possible to carry your bicycles and luggage at destination without boarding them on the airplane, permitting a “fly&drive” service to the one who doesn’t have too much time for vacation.

We could also support in the organization of journeys in clubs or in a group of friends.

In fact, our formulas include different typologies of collaboration:

• planning a journey reserved to members/friends
• planning a journey open to third party and/or taking part in one of our proposals.

We can offer different typologies of itineraries, from 100% street tour to the hyper specialized one reserved to the most determined bikers.

We are protagonists in:

• MTB journeys to Tunisia
• MTB journeys to Morocco
• MTB journeys to Corsica
• MTB journeys to Greece
• MTB journeys to Algeria
• MTB journeys to Iceland
• MTB journeys to Sardinia
• MTB journeys to Mauritania
• MTB journeys to Italy
• MTB journeys to Sahara
• MTB journeys to Pyrenees
• MTB riding courses in Italy and in the desert
• MTB journeys in the desert
• MTB journeys to Spain
• MTB journeys to Romania
• MTB journeys to Turkey
• MTB journeys to Albania
• MTB journeys to Iran
• MTB journeys to Russia
• MTB journeys to Croatia

Read carefully our section HOW WE TRAVEL per avere un quadro ben preciso delle nostre modalità di intendere il viaggio.

Read also our section FAQ dedicated to MTB..