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The aim is easy: we suggest a brand new location to your clients.

Desartica is an organization in which the experience of business events management merges into the deeply expertise in travelling, people management and creation of unforgettable events. 

The spirit of organizing every journey and the successful formula of the expedition truly represent the objectives of an achievement that relies on human capital, like every organizer of training course or incentive journey does.

Promptly reacting to external strains in different situations, proactive collaborating to create a team are all factors that encourage and enrich the participants, along with the fascinating sceneries where the journey occurs and business mission. 

A new landscape far from traffic congestion and ordinary places: the desert, the sand dunes, an exciting magic which is ideal for training opportunities and outdoor activities.

Especially, it is the perfect location to awaken motivation and passion, to shape dynamic and accurate personalities: that’s the real potential of a team. 

Our organization boasts experience and the necessary means to organize all types of events. We offer two formula both for small groups (10/15 people) and large groups (over 100 people): wild events or comfort events.

During the wild event we set up independent camps in remote but safe areas and we offer our guests the possibility to use conference rooms, deep in nature as it is. During the comfort event we stay in three/four star hotels, surrounded by the desert and by the adventure!  

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